Are your schools missing a critical ingredient for closing the equity gap?

You are a School District Administrator focusing on schools that serve diverse, and low-income students. You really want to help these schools engage the families of the students. You know this critical for school success. But the schools find it daunting to build trust with families and see any results from this effort.

Authentic family engagement is one of the most challenging elements of school improvement. There are cultural, class and linguistic differences between educators and families. The schools are already swamped with other initiatives.

You want to help schools build authentic connections with more than a few families. You’d love to see the school staff excited about this endeavor. And ultimately you really want to see students benefit from these efforts.

While it might not happen all at once, you can totally do this. Your school staffs will respond. They know that engaging families will make their jobs much easier. The families will respond too, and are eager to learn how they can help their child’s education.

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