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Coaching, training and resources to build a culture of engaging families tailored to your schools Year after year the newest PDF manual on building relationships comes across your desk. But they always seem to go to the “I’ll get to it later” pile. Maybe what you need is real structure and personalized support to get family engagement going. Here’s a set of products and services that will help you “ease into” building a whole new culture of family engagement in your schools.

Family Leadership Teams – Bringing Families to the Table for Action Planning – Coaching, Training and Resources. An obvious, but often overlooked driver of family engagement is having an action plan, and monitoring process. But you can’t write a good plan without parents at the table, and given the limited time and cultural differences this is no easy task. Building shared understanding among a team of family leaders and educators will launch your family engagement initiatives. Click here for more details.

Family-Teacher Classroom Teams – Forging Classroom-based, Academic Partnerships with Families – Staff Development, Coaching and Resources  Classroom teachers are the key to effective family engagement, yet they receive very little time and support in this critical area of their profession. Additionally, the traditional parent-teacher communication format in schools (back-to-school night/p-t conferences) is insufficient for building meaningful partnerships with families. Finally, here’s a innovative way to empower your teachers to engage families, and get real student achievement results, without burning anyone out. Click here for more details.