Family-School Leadership Teams

Families and Educators Together at the Table – Coaching, Training and Resources

 This program is for School District Leaders who oversees the Title I Program. It works at once with at least three representative school-based teams made up of the Principal, the Family Liaison, six to eight parents and a couple of teachers.

This extensive training and coaching program strengthens the school’s leadership for family engagement by bringing together families and educators for a common purpose. In doing so, it generates school/family ownership for family engagement initiatives and sets in motion an action planning process.

The schools you work with really care about engaging diverse families, but you often feel like it falls all on their shoulders. They have parent organizations and parent meetings and do the traditional things such as back to school night and parent-teacher conferences. But this approach is insufficient to truly build trusting relationships with families facing social inequity.

What is needed is not more activities, but a better way of creating shared understanding with families and unleashing their energy to transform your school. There needs to be a way for this new culture of collaboration with families to take hold in your school and drive your efforts.

This program creates teams of families and educators working together to launch family engagement initiatives, and model family-schools partnerships for the school community. The Family-Team Leadership Teams are a critical foundation for bringing about authentic family engagement in your school.

 Here is what this program covers and the results it produces:

  • The art of the survey, and how identifying needs is your first step
  • The key to empowering families on your team and how this is the heart of your family engagement work
  • The beauty of learning new approaches to family engagement, and how it mobilizes your school
  • The power of a project description, and how it gets you going
  • The structure of a good invitation, and how it generates authentic commitment from families
  • The benefits of learning from a community of schools and how it inspires your team
  • The five simple steps of action planning, and how it keeps you on track all year
  • The discipline of data-collection, and how it brings everything together

Here are the Key Logistics of the Program:

Team Structure

  1. The Family-School Leadership Teams are made up of 4-6 parents, two teachers, the schools’ family Liaison and the Principal. Family Liaisons act as the team coordinator and facilitator. FLTs conduct a family engagement needs assessment of school staff and of families. Based on the school/families needs the teams develop a family engagement plan, which can be used for the Unified School Improvement Plan and Title I Compliance. FLTs oversee the implementation of the goals and objective in the plan
  2. Teams gather and analyze data from the schools family engagement initiative
  3. Teams report out to the school community.
  4. Teams differ from PTOs and PTAs in that they are focused on the academic side of family engagement, and that they are a school improvement committee

Resources Provided

  1. Surveys for teams to conduct a needs assessment of staff and families
  2. Invitation templates for families and educators to join the team and attend initial Family Engagement plan template for teams to create an action plan
  3. A directory of research-based strategies
  4. A Starter-kit to implement Family Engagement initiatives
  5. Staff Development curriculum to pilot Family Engagement initiatives
  6. Database to generate reports and monitor progress of the teams’ family engagement

Training & Coaching Provided

  1. Orientation for the Principals and Family Liaisons on project overview and recruiting team members
  2. A three-hour Orientation for all teams together
  3. A mid-year and end of year share out session for all teams
  4. Monthly coaching and on-site Leadership Training & Coaching for Family Liaison
  5. Quarterly reports and debrief meetings for Principals

Data Tracking & Troubleshooting

  1. We track the number of team members, team meetings notes, and attendance at team meetings. It is very typical throughout the year for team members to need to leave the team for various reasons, and for new members to join. All training resources and notes are provided for new team members
  2. We track and monitor the team’s family engagement plan and provide feedback and coaching throughout the year

 If you are interested learning more about this program and how it can work for your school district, please schedule a Free Consultation here.